Post Seva Requests: 8 Seva Categories

AOL Teachers, Coordinators, Service Project managers, Center/Ashram managers can post their Seva needs by clicking below applicable links. Please note that once Seva is posted, you will need to share Seva Link or Center Link to your local community. One should also post on social media to bring that awareness. Till community learns and adapts going to your seva page, you may need to continuously communicate about it.

Below are 8 main Seva categories that Seva Portal currently supports. In future the portal may add/modify the categories.
To post seva, read the categories and click post link in it to get started.

(A) Course/Event Sevas

Metro centers residing close in vicinity can benefit very well by posting Course/Event Sevas. Center leaders need to plan and post 1 set of Seva requests so that surrounding centers and community can benefit without confusion. Mega course, Yogathon, Maha Satsang, Maha Kriya, Reknowned teacher courses are some of the examples of events that would fall in this category. The other example can be fund raising event for Care for Children org. Post Course/Event Seva

(B) eSeva

Using internet and phone connectivity, skilled volunteers from remote locations can apply for eSevas. This is perfect one world family situation where a sevak from one country can help a team/center residing in other country. It is hard to find technology savvy sevaks, and this is virtual seva opportunity to make a difference from remote location. Writers, Graphic designers, Report designers, Multimedia experts, Social media marketers, Website designers, Phone outreaching, Accounting experts, Project managers, planners, coordinators ... many many opportunities can be listed under eSeva section. Work from your remote location & deliver eSeva - Post eSeva.

(C) Guruji/Special Event Sevas

Guruji's seminars, meeting events are very popular in volunteer circle. The event coordinators are requested to post sevas for Guruji's event atleast 2 months prior to the event date - that way international traveling volunteers can plan better. The special events can also be like Guru Purnima celebrations event, Navratri event, Diwali event, Milestone Jubilee events etc. Post Guruji/Special Event Seva

(D) Service Project Sevas

Projects involving multiple team members, Projects that will focus on Communities during natural disasters, Projects for rural development, education, hygiene, health improvements .. Service initiatives for better society. Post your Service project, take responsibility to make stress free, happy communities. Post Service project

(E) Sevas for VFABI projects

Seva Portal intends to help VFABI organization by channeling sevaks for their projects. The visitors to Seva Portal will be offered any VFABI seva projects posted by VFABI coordinators. Post Volunteer For Better India/Other project

(F) Ashram/Center Sevas

Ashram/Center sevas are not connected to specific events but mainly to the facilities and recurring events. Ashram/Centers are in constant need of sevaks. The volunteering work mainly involve with facilities general help, maintenance, recurring events, and operational aspects. The seva can be indoors or outdoors and mainly focussed on sustenance/operations. Examples can be Seva needed for Painting an area, Gardening work, Kitchen cleaning, Reception/Hospitality, Conduct Morning Yoga Sessions, Coordinate Ashtavakra sessions, General help with kitchen, Bathrooms/toilets cleaning, Furniture move/rearrangment, etc. Post Ashram/Center Seva

(G) Donation Sevas

Donation Seva category is for fund raising tasks. Money donations or Goods donation drives can be planned and executed with the help from volunteers. The fund-raising could be for general IAHV pool or local center expenses or it can be for charity drives like Care for Children. Post Donation Seva

(H) Other Sevas

Other Sevas can include setting/driving Meetup Group, Scheduling meetings, dealing with Community on Action plans, Proposals, Service management, Projector/video help, Personal guidance (education, career, health) etc. This will be catch all type category where sevas that dont fit in above ones will reside here. Please note selecting right seva type is very important as your posting will appear accordingly in search results (when advance search is launched). Post Other Seva

Seva Categories & Sub Sevas

Each Seva Category/Type have several sub sevas. For example: Course/Event Seva Category would need Sub Sevas like Registration desk, Flyer design etc. Select Seva Category/Type from the dropdown below and view Sub Sevas of it. You will be offered Sub Seva checkboxes when you post Seva. You dont have to select/check all sub sevas - whatever you feel are needed can be checked.

Display Sub Sevas for:  

Above Sub Sevas will be listed out in Seva Posting form for the selected category.  You dont have to select all subsevas but only check that you would need for your Seva.  Sub Sevas will give idea to volunteers on the efforts/skills needed.