FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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(1) What is the purpose of Seva Portal?

The purpose of Seva Portal is to provide central online podium for Seva seekers and Seva requestors. Inspired by the Art of Living founder H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Seva Portal will be serving AOL seva initiatives and slowly evolve as one central seva portal and include all other non profit/community/humanitarian organizations.

The Seva Portal has one vision: To raise awareness of the value of Seva and to inspire more and more people to commit to giving their time and effort to Seva projects.

(2) How can I post Seva on Seva Portal?

First register on Seva Portal. Click here to Register
Once you login, use top 'Post Seva' menu to add your Seva requests.

(3) What types of Sevas can be posted on Seva Portal?

The system right now allows to post in following Seva areas:
 (a) Seva for your AOL Course or Event
 (b) Seva that can be done from anywhere in world remotely - eSeva
 (c) Seva for Guruji's event/seminar or reknowned teachers or special events like Shivratri, Guru poornima ..
 (d) Seva with Service Projects
 (e) Seva with VFBI/other projects
 (f) Seva with your local Ashram/Center
 (g) Seva with donations/fund raising

We will be adding more Seva areas including with other non-profit orgs.  Click here to view more details on above seva categories

(4) Can you explain about simple URLs?

Each global city has simple URL.
For example, for bangalore it will be http://SevaPortal.org/bangalore
Another example, for San Francisco it will be http://SevaPortal.org/san-francisco
Cities having multiple words will have dashes inserted in place of spaces.
By going to above city pages, you will see all AOL sevas for the city/metro.

Individual seva postings also have simpler urls, as an example:

Best strategy is to share your City url to the community. For cities that can have variations in their names (like NYC, New York city OR LA, Los Angeles), we can have total 3 alias/variations names. See Question 10 below for more details.

(5) What is the best way to utilize Seva Portal?

Seva Portal relies on data from AOL centers, ashrams and other AOL facilities. Teachers/Coordinators would need to spread word on Seva listings on Seva Portal - this is one time activity. Once people visit the portal and get used to it, they will return back to view any new Seva Opportunities.

So teachers/coordinators/leaders should continue postings and make it standard practice.  All they need to do is share the city URL on Seva Portal (www.SevaPortal/yourcity) with their community.  The biggest advantage is you dont need to have a website or bulletine board as SP will be one central location.  eSeva postings will receive response from people all around the globe - please make sure that your needs are properly documented and delivery dates are clearer on both sides. 

(6) How can I disable Seva listing as I got enough volunteers?

One can login and edit the Seva Listing where at the bottom deactivation privilege is provided. The listing automatically gets deactivated if it reaches the expiration date. But you do have option to activate or deactivate or extend expiration date.

(7) How can I extend/re-use existing Seva Listing?

One can login and edit the Seva Listing where at the bottom there is expiration date field. You change the date in future to extend the posting. Make sure when you extend, the 'deactivate' checkbox is not checked.

(8) Are you planning to allow Seva postings for other non-profit orgs?

Currently the system is designed to allow Art of Living Seva requests. But eSeva section is open enough to allow any non-profit org for volunteer request. In future we will be adding more functionality to the portal so as to allow other non-profit orgs.

(9) I am interested to list myself as volunteer/sevak on Seva Portal, how can I do it?

Seva Portal will be adding this functionality soon. When someone registers on Seva Portal, he/she can post Seva requests as well list themselves as Sevaks too. That way one registration for both needs. It will be rolled out soon. In the meantime, you can email us your skills, experience, interest, location and other details so that we can keep it in our files.

(10) With City Seva URL, my city is named in multiple ways - is there a way I can add other variations?

Yes we can have total 3 aliases for city. For example: New York, New York city, NYC. So in this example, following URLs will return same Seva listings:


In above example, visitor can go to any of above URLs, they will see same seva listing for the city. Email us 3 or 2 aliases and we will configure it. We will only add relevant names (short, long, abbreviated, nickname). Example: LA, Los Angeles, NY, NYC...

(11) I am not receiving emails when I registered or post sevas. Can you help?

Very likely your emails are landing in your spam folder. Best is whatever email account you refer in Seva Portal, add support@sevaportal.org as a contact in that email's address book. By adding it you are whitelisting that email in your account. You should receive new emails once you add it.

(12) How can I post sevas requests in multiple cities and how will it be displayed?

When you post Seva, you will be given option to select location for seva. One can have multiple sevas with multiple locations, that is allowed. Each city urls will list down sevas for that specific city. For example: You may Post seva request for xyz city, then another seva for abc city.. Then SevaPortal.org/xyz will only list sevas for xyz city location. Now some other person in your group may post seva request in same city xyz which will be listed along yours under xyz url.